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As I did for Haiti last year, I'm now taking part in [ profile] help_japan . We raised a lot of funds last year, hopefully things will work out as fine this time~

The community gathers a lot of people volunteering to offer their work (art, fanarts, writing, graphic, and a lot of other things too) and other will have to bid on their offerings. Bidding lasts until 26 March; also, here you can find my offer.

Bidding is easy: once you win, you will need to donate to Red cross, or any other organization you want (there you go with a list), get the receipt, get a screenshot of it and show it as proof of your donation (be sure to read the rules for details).

If you're not familiar with bidding, on this post on DA you can find a list of artists (me included) who're offering their drawings: you just have to make a donation and show the receipt as proof of it, then choose the artist and commission them~

I hope some of you will be able to contribute either by offering or donating (or both), or just by spreading the word.

Just a brief reminder: as the mod of [ profile] help_japan  underlined, there isn't any official request for aid from Japan yet; so keep that in mind before donating.
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